Sunday, May 24, 2009

Summer Workshop w/ Merlin Works

The Merlin Works School of Improvisation is offering a summer speciality series of workshops. Each week there will be a guest instructor, and I will be leading one focused on puppet improv. I'm looking forward to sharing what I've learned so far and playing with other improvisers who like puppets. Here are the workshop deets (taken from the Merlin Works website)...

"Improv with Puppets!" Saturday June 20th 12pm - 3pm

Puppet mania is sweeping the nation and improvisers are catching the bug, too! In this 3 hour workshop we'll play with the basics of puppet manipulation (eye contact, breath, emotion, etc.), before we get into some improv games & scenes to explore how improvising with puppets can get you closer to PLAY and out of your head. A fun class to take, whether you're looking to expand your improv tool-belt with puppets, or just looking for a fun afternoon with puppets. $25