Tuesday, July 7, 2009

"Improv with Puppets" Workshop

... is happening this Saturday. The class is being offered through the MERLIN WORKS SCHOOL OF IMPROVISATION as part of their summer specialty series.

NEWS FLASH -- I'm making traditional "sock puppets" as a TAKE HOME bonus for those who sign up for the class. I'm also bringing my own hand & rod puppet arsenal -- which I've been working on this week. Hope to see you there!

official posting...

"Puppets mania is sweeping the nation and improvisers are catching the bug, too! In this 3 hour workshop we'll play with the basics of puppet manipulation (eye contact, breath, emotion, etc.), before we get into some improv games & scenes to explore how improvising with puppets can get you closer to PLAY and out of your head. A fun class to take, whether you're looking to expand your improv tool-belt with puppets, or just looking for a fun afternoon with puppets. $25"

register HERE.