Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Seeing Into The Future

The new PIP model is to produce 1 show a year that is a spectacular production. We can do this because we work on that one show show for a year. TRASH is our 2013 show, so this year we are exploring the technology, developing characters and experimenting with the type of show we'd like it to grow into. We did this with "Off The Reef" last year, experimenting with black light puppetry, building a black light puppet arsenal set in the ocean, and then rehearsing it for 3 months. "Trash" is in the early stages of development, but we are about to see the result of a years worth of work this November in "Off The Reef". It has made an extraordinary difference to focus our energy like this. I hope everyone will get to come see this show. Our 2014 show (working title "Fae") will be in the High Fantasy genre, and using lots of new (to us) mechanical rigs. I'm working on funding for that research this year with the hope of actually doing the R&D next year, so that we can produce another AMAZING show in 2014.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Catch And Release the Press Release!

Our show, "Off The Reef," is just one month away, and the marketing machine is picking up speed.  Today I sent out the Press Release for our upcoming show, Off The Reef. Here is a link to a copy of it on our site.
We've also got our printed posters in and they look great! They should be going up around Austin soon. Here is a sneak peek.
Rehearsals are going strong. We have one more month of rehearsals. The show is starting to take shape. We are super excited about the role our puppet techs play in the show. It is looking pretty sweet! We're filming next weeks rehearsal to give the cast a chance to SEE what they are creating. I'll post some images when we get them. In the meantime, we have a few puppets that didn't get built for the LAST version of this show that are coming together for this show. But I'll save that for the next blog post. :-)