Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Hey Puppet Fans! The PIP is starting a CONTEST!! Our posters are going up around town. The first FIVE people to find a poster posted around town in a DIFFERENT location, take a picture of it, and share or post it here on our Facebook page will get a FREE TICKET! To our upcoming show, ELF EMPLOYMENT!! (One winner per person, please.)
Our "Elf Employment" poster looks like this
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Good Luck!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PIP's 2012 Calendar Sneak Peek!

The PIP Company members this weekend and discussed our calendar for 2012. Though we are still fuzzy on some of the details, here are the 3 shows we will be producing in 2012:

  1. Experimental (Summer) -- Though I am trying to make each of our shows unique, this "experimental" show is for us to test new technologies and directions for the company. IN 2011, we discovered that the experimental Blacklight part of Puppet Katamari was a big enough hit to make it into its own show. The 2012 show is pushed back into the summer so that we have time during the Winter and Spring to research and develop the technology.  We are still working on what the Experimental show of 2012 will actually be, but it will include something you haven't seen us do before -- something NEW.
  2. Underwater Blacklight Adventure (Fall) -- We found that the blacklight undersea adventure we did in Puppet Katamari was a really big success. Enough so that we are building the idea out into its own show, with additional puppets and an extended training period for our puppeteers.  This will be our biggest production of 2012.
  3. Holiday Musical (Winter) -- This year it's "Elf Employment". The show is an improvised puppet musical set in Santa's workshop. Each performer playing one elf throughout the run of the show.  We are also having a new Guest Star each night playing the role of Santa. Depending on what we learn from the 2011 "Elf Employment" show (and from our other 2012 shows), the 2012 "Holiday Musical" will be a narrative show of some sort set in a holiday setting.

American Short Fiction Launch Party

The PIP is doing a bit of Puppet Improv at the upcoming "American Short Fiction" event on Nov. 19th! They will be reading the animal-themed stories they've recently published. The event is at Domy Books, a really cool arts bookstore at 913 E Cesar Chavez.

Perhaps we will see you all there!!