Thursday, April 23, 2009

"Avenue Q"! & Sherwood Forest

Went to see "Avenue Q" with some friends this weekend, after the Wild Wild Puppets show (which was fun and getting funner!). The traveling Broadway show was also really fun! I had a bunch of questions for the performers, but didn't get a chance to chat with them. The show had 8 performers, 4 puppeteers (each doing 2 puppets) and 4 actors. Throughout the show the main 3 puppeteers would need to be interacting with their other puppet character and so the 4th puppeteer would take that puppet and move it around while they voiced it. It was great! Though I was very curious about the technical aspects, I still got wrapped up in the show and would forget to watch the puppeteers! They also had a GIANT puppet at the end of the 1st act. It made me wish I had a few GIANT (body or bigger) sized puppets.

Also on my mind... SHERWOOD FOREST! The Sherwood Forest Faire Acting Company is looking for "faire folk" to populate this new 100 acre faire for their 2010 season!! More on this later.

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