Friday, June 19, 2009

Summer Marches On

Improv with Puppets! -- In case you didn't know, the puppet improv workshop that was scheduled to happen this weekend has been pushed back to Saturday July 11th, 12-3:00pm. Hope to see you there! You can sign up on the Merlin Works website.

NO SHAME -- [Friday, June 3rd] The PIP made an appearance at the last "No Shame" where I opened the puppet-arsenal to anyone who wanted to try improvising with puppets. I had forgotten the curtain part of my puppet theaters, so we just used the PVC skeleton... which was perfect for NO SHAME! We did two 5 min sets. PIP Part I included Patrick Knisley, Marci Spivey, Topping Haggerty, and I. PIP part II included Kerri Lendo, Howard Katz, Noah Voelker, and I. We started with puppets talking to puppets, and then "puppeteer" character imps talking to imps, then back into puppets (whole scene as one scene). It was like a workshop on its feet. I think it was very playful and that made it fun. Howard had a knack for puppet manipulation and I hope he joins us again next month.

Next "No Shame" [Friday, July 3rd] I would like to try...
-- creating something longer than five min
-- a puppet/actor scene
-- playing with the "bad" kids puppet show (people like naughty puppets), then flipping it show the actors
-- scripting something out, maybe a la "comedia del arte". I'm making a few more creature puppets... devil, leprechaun, monkey, monster. Mostly tricksters. Maybe I need a princess or lamb.

WEST COAST TOUR -- Plans are moving forward for my puppet and improv tour of the west coast. I have my tickets to LA, San Fran, Portland/Seattle. I'm going to drive from Portland to Seattle to see the shows there.

I have lined up some places to stay with friends, and talked to some people about meeting to talk puppet improv. I had hoped to get to see the two Swazzle shows ("Otter Circus" & "Watercolors"), but they are happening the day before I get to LA and school prohibits me from getting there earlier. It may be possible to stay one more day in LA, then I might get to see at least one show on Monday before heading to San Fran. I will be getting to see "Puppet Up" while in LA, and hopefully meet with the puppeteers and Groundlings imps after the show. Then its off to San Fran, where I will be talking with Liebe Wetzel, the Artistic Director of Lunatique Fantastique. She's interested in getting into animation, so it will be fun to talk with her! In Portland, I'll be talking with Amy Gray of Comedy Sportz "Puppetz vs People" show -- which they do once a year. I'm still hoping to talk to the Unscripted guys, and some puppet imp from Jet City Improv and Unexpected Productions in Seattle.

This trip is shaping up nicely, and I'm starting to get excited!

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