Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fortunately, Unfortunately...

I had a bit of bad luck this past week -- my car was stollen . That in itself was a blow, but what was even more shocking and sad was the moment I realized most of the PIP hand-made puppets where in the trunk.

Fortunately, my car was found a few days later. It is now in the shop getting the break-in damage repaired.

UN-fortunately, the puppets that were in the trunk were gone. This was especially stressful as the PIP is in rehearsals for our next run of shows -- "PIP on TV" -- and we had our 2nd rehearsal coming up! I basically had ONE day to get enough puppets for us to use at the rehearsals, or else our show timeline would be ruined.

FORTUNATELY! my friends have been incredibly generous. When they learned what had happened, Patrick & Erica Knisley of "Abstract Rainbow", surprised me by coming over and donating TEN <<10>> puppets to the PIP! Additionally, some friends come over this past weekend to help build puppets. We cranked out shells for 15 more base puppets! Additionally, my dad is creating an additional 5-10 puppets he plans to deliver before the start of our next show run. SO! not only is the PIP back in business, but we will be better than ever, with 20-30 NEW PUPPETS in our cast!!

I feel incredibly lucky, and am extremely grateful, that my friends have come to love the PIP as much as I do and have contributed to keeping it going, even when it seemed like we would be KO of our March shows. So here is a B-I-G shout out to all the incredibly awesome people who have helped rebuild the PIP Puppet Cast in just a few days!!

Patrick & Erica Knisley
Amy & Walter Averett
Andreas Fabis
Topping Haggerty
Menelaos Prokos
Jessica Salinas
W. Emil Farr

Also, since I am in midst of generating a new puppet cast, my brain is in puppet building mode and I see life in the strangest of objects. Found this "Jim Henson Hour" episode called "Monster Maker" that hits close to home. Enjoy!!

The Jim Henson Hour, Episode 6 "Monster Maker" 1/6 --


  1. How horrible and wonderful!
    Nice to know people have your back in times like this. :)

  2. Hey! I got a shout out! Woohoo! (Yeap. Just saw this. :) )