Friday, August 3, 2012

"Off The Reef" Cast Announced

The Puppet Improv Project is very lucky to have such a great cast for our upcoming show, Off The Reef. In addition to our five company members, we are joined by the incomparable Amy Smith, Eric Heiberg, and Shana Merlin. Also gracing the stage with us will be Alyse Deller, Jenna Howard, Nancy Lyon, Ellen Pittsford, Jessica Salinas, and Gino Sandoval as our puppet techs.

 A seemingly insignificant problem escalates into one of epic proportions and sends our hero off on the adventure of a lifetime. "Off The Reef" is an improvised, black-light puppet spectacular that literally glows with an ocean full of colorful characters.

Dave Buckman

Sara Farr
Topping Haggerty
Eric Heiberg
Amy McKenna Smith
Shana Merlin
Patrick Knisley
Jesse Overright
Chadwick Smith

Alyse Deller
Jenna Howard
Nancy Lyon
Ellen Pittsford
Jessica Salinas
Gino Sandoval

Thank you to all who showed an interest in helping out with the show. If you still want to get involved with the PIP, remember we have some UT Informal classes coming up this fall. Check out our Workshops page for more info.

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