Monday, June 3, 2013

"Trash" Puppet Building

There are roughly 18 puppets in the "Trash" show. Seven (7) are human looking characters. For these we are using Project Puppet's "Forma" pattern series, and their "Glorified Sock" pattern. For the "Neighbors", we will be using TP rolls and creating several rod puppets, hopefully that can either be operated as one unit, or separately. For the "Heap", we will be using a "hoop-skirt" type of design (design posted in earlier blog post [here] )

 Making a prototype for our "Neighbor" characters.
Mouth closed
Mouth open

And here are some photos showing progress being made on the Forma puppets.

The pattern cutting table

Pinning felt scraps over foam head to find the pattern

Cutting and laying out the felt

The Project Puppet "Rotondo" pattern

This shows the crazy way the seams need to be aligned to make the fleece covering work
Here are the parts all laid out before assembly
The body foam tube slips over the fleece
The fleece wraps up over the foam body.

Gluing the fleece to the mouth plate

Gluing the mouth fleece into the mouth

Anyone need a hand?

The "scrap" bin -- a great resource for eyelids, noses, ears, etc

Some base puppets

Early iteration of the Policeman's jacket

Wigs and fur for puppet hair

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