Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Load-in, Lights, Live

Load-In: Yesterday we loaded our show into the Dougherty Arts Theater in preparation for our upcoming show Trash, which premieres this coming Fourth of July weekend. We ran into a bit of trouble when I realized that the set pieces were slightly too big for our transportation vehicle, so we are having to break them down so we can get them to the theater. This is a good lesson for us as the intention is to make the set portable and easy to load-in and load-out.

Lighting: Though we couldn't do much with the set, we did get all our lights hung and focused, in large part due to Sam Schak! our tech for the show.
Sam pointed out that every good theater tech carries around the following essential tools:
  • wrench
  • pencil
  • permanent marker
  • tape (measuring tape, gaff tape, glow tape)
  • multi-tool (screwdriver, pocket knife, pliers, scissors)
  • flashlight
I brought a ton of puppet building tools, but forgot the most important -- the wrench. Luckily I had a vice grip and Sam made do with that. The puppets look great on stage in the lights we hung, and we can't wait to see everything in action tonight at our Tech run through.

Live: And, thanks to Austin  YNN, Joel Ausanka and I got the chance early this morning to briefly show off our "Trash" puppets during their LIVE morning show. Unfortunately, there was some breaking news, so the news team had to cut our coverage short. However, we got a bit of exposure and we hope people will see it and be inspired to come see the whole show.

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