Monday, January 12, 2009

It Begins...

What is the Puppet Improv Project (PIP)? Here's the scoop...

I'm going to try to focus on puppet improv for a whole year... and see how it plays out. I hope to squeeze several projects into 2009, including a kids show, a family show, a long-form show, and whatever else comes along. I may possibly push to do an improvised-puppet-musical, too, because that seems both really cool and really scary.

The PIP begins with my doing a joint-run with Jessica Arjet & the Flying Theater Machine that will last 8 weeks, and run March-May, Sundays 2pm at the Hideout Theater. I met with some like-minded improvisers to talk about what kind of show we could put on that would work for the FTM. We settled on a show that would be theme-based. This way we could have a genre around which to start building up a puppet arsenal. Our goal is to have a couple of puppet-improvisers in each show, joined by additional imps from the regular FTM cast. Jessica is vested in making the FTM shows profitable, and I am happy to be involved with a group focused on building equity.

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