Sunday, January 25, 2009

"Wild Wild Puppets"

Had a bit of a stall out this past couple of weeks as I had to focus on the start of school. But the momentum is building again. We've settled on a calendar, and I've gotten the green light from some guest directors to come preview the show and give us some feedback. The show will launch on Sunday, March 15th and run for 8 weeks, skipping Easter weekend.

We've also named the FTM run, "Wild Wild Puppets" and I will be working on a graphic for the posters this week. Today I finished off my first puppet -- "Prairie Chicken" -- and am working on building a few more puppets. Also, I'm working on creating a portable curtain kit that we can grow or shrink, depending on the size of the space.

Also! My friend, Dano, told me about The Henson Foundation and encouraged me to apply for a grant. More on THAT later.

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