Monday, August 22, 2011

Puppet and People FLASH MOB!

Wanna make your OOB experience
Come help Puppet Improv Project shoot a video spoof of Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams (I Walk Alone).

In the short, a singer (a person) is singing about being isolated and alone. Some friendly puppets here his/her lament and come up trying to make friends. The singer, despondent, pushes them away. New puppets keep trying to come up and make friends or give hugs, but the singer keeps pushing, then punching, and finally booting them off frame. However, the puppets keep coming and they overwhelm the singer, who starts running and trying to hide from them. But the puppets, and now pedestrians, keep finding the singer and trying to get close to him/her. Until (final lines, final shot) there is a mass of people and puppets chasing the singer down Congress Ave to the gates of the capitol where he/she sings the last lines to the crowd.

We are going to be filming the CROWD SCENE at the end during the Out Of Bounds Comedy Festival that takes place during the week before and weekend of Labor Day.  THE FLASH MOB part will take place on
Saturday 9/3
If you want to participate, send an email with “ALONE” in the subject to:

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