Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Puppet Katamari Cast is Set, & PIP Gains Sponsored Project status under ACA

Cast is set for the upcoming show. We had a lot of fun people audition for this show which made my decision difficult, for which I was very grateful.

CAST - John Brewster, Jay Byrd, Topping Haggerty, Howard Katz, Patrick Knisely, Nancy Lyon, Amy McKenna, Menelaos Prokos, Chadwick Smith, Leng Wong; LIGHTING & VIDEO TECH - Gene Joe; DIRECTOR - Sara Farr

Also, I learned this week that the Puppet Improv Project's application to become a sponsored project under the Austin Creative Alliance was accepted. This is great news as it takes the pressure off me to fund everything, and we can now start looking for funding to help bring in training, sponsor workshops, help us enter festivals and travel, and generally share our art form with a larger crowd.  In the immediate future, this could mean that some of the things we planned but were doubtful we could do in the upcoming show, can now happen. Yay!

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