Saturday, February 21, 2009

Puppet Mash-Up! -- After School Special!

OMG! Tonight was really cool! Not only did Get Up have a fun show, I got to do improv puppets between the following show's sets!!

The Seattle Festival of Improv Theater has a series of improv mixers called the "All-star Mash Up" -- 15 minute sets between each show's scheduled acts. It's a way to jam with the other festival attendees, but in smaller groups. I was just going to watch, but when Shana found out her group had chosen to do IMPROV PUPPETS, she brought me up to play with them! Yay!! The group included a couple of Jet City puppet improvisers -- Jeremy Brown & Ryan Miller.

Gabriella Cook (Seattle), Jeremy Brown (Seattle)

For our 15 min set, Ryan suggested we do After School Special, and when he took our the suggestion for our problem, we got "Redheads". Ryan had brought a bin of about 6 puppets and of the 7 of us, three (Jeremy, Ryan, and I) played with puppets. Shana (as a person) played a bad kid who convinced the heroine, Maggie (a person), to dye her hair red and go wild. In the end, she played a teacher who was shocked at with the fallen-redhair's "show & tell" (sex). At the start of the set, I picked up a girl puppet with really bouncy (brown) hair. It turned out my puppet character had dyed her red hair brunette, and then lost her oomph. There was also a devil puppet that kept encouraging the redhead and a grandfatherly puppet to be wild.

Ryan Miller (Seattle), Sara Farr (Austin)

Anyway... it was a SUPER fun surprise to get to jump in and do that. I had fun and learned a bit (about puppets, not redheads). I only wish we'd had more time to get to play with those guys.

P.S. "Wing It Productions" & "Jet City Improv" has produced some improv puppet stuff in the past (including "Over and Through" - a la "Labyrinth"). Check it! I encouraged them to bring their show to OOB. :-)

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